QM-Book digital with Office 365 Teamwebsites (Webinar+Course)

Quality Documtentation using Wiki and Blog in MS Office 365 - following the standard, without quality manual. This course demonstrates how it works - one more, the practice exercise to build it step by step perfectly with SharePoint online in Office 365.

Quality Management-Documentation with Office 365

See how to use SharePoint Online in Office 365 for Quality Management Documentation ISO 9000, Presentation and Live-Demo Register (Demo/Presentation for free)
Dozent und Autor Dennis Scherrer im Webinar Juni 2017

Mr. Dennis Scherrer

Trainer and Author of material


Overall Schedule

Webinar - for free

9:30amWelcome and Organisation
9:35amPresentation Quality Management-Documentation
9:45amDemonstration QMS in Microsoft Office 365

Course - optional

10:00amself-practice all attendies with Office 365 cource material
11:30amSummary, questions and outlook
12:00am​​End of the course