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Services for Quality Management using SharePoint-Teamwebsites in Companies

Services for a Quality Management System that suits the needs of your business with SharePoint-Websites as part of Office 365 or even SharePoint Server 2016 on premise.

Structured by your orgs needs and requirements of quality standard

Document management and archiving for work instructions and templates

Documenting and visualizing business operations and processes

Documentation of all information on quality and risk-tracking

Communication of quality policy to interested parties and resources

SharePoint Online is an it-service out of the cloud, and part of Microsoft Office 365 services subscriptions. SharePoint Server 2016 is an intranet and document management-software for setup on premise. Employees using a SharePoint quality management system, working quality-conscious and more process oriented than others working with just a special ISO - 9001 software.

  • Acceptance boosts quality awareness and process-compliant behavior
  • Precise control of information facilitates compliance in your organization
  • Microsoft cloud services innovates, server software may provide more it-security
  • SharePoint can be adapted to any organization - in compliance with the ISO standard
The SharePoint company quality management system suites your business and fulfills the quality standard requirements.

If you`re interessed in SharePoint for boosting quality awareness and process-compliant behavior, attend the next course.

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