IT-Consultant for Quality Management with SharePoint

Hint: Management in Quality Management with SharePoint

There are really IT services and SharePoint Solution Provider out there, offering Business Process Management and Document management, and name it Quality management.

Saving all your Business Processes as Visio Diagrams and store all the useful Tools like Checklists and working guides - that’s not a quality management system - don’t matter how modern you’ll set it up with Office 365 or SharePoint Server.

It’s about Management in Quality management systems. It’s about questions like, how will I ensure that there’ll be enough resources to produce or providing services. Or even the documentation that top executives has planned and continuously reviewed the full QMS. For sure, writing down your processes or document service providing gives you imported indication about resource usage - if you track it! But this will not answer the question about mashers for resource availability. Just a documentation won’t work. It’s clearly written in ISO 9001 that all requirements must be met or you’ll argument why not.

Within QM it is not just about the business process of producing or service providing. It’s more about the processes that just enable to produce or provide products and services. Management supports and allows production - but how-to? That’s the question! When Management keeps the customer in mind while answering this question, is simply quality - and Microsoft SharePoint in Office 365 is a great software-service for that.

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