IT-Consultant for Quality Management with SharePoint

Determine the scope of the quality management system in SharePoint Online in Microsoft Office 365

SharePoint Online in Microsoft Office 365 is exactly the right infrastructure for quality management: an intelligent intranet in the cloud for all the requirements of the International Standard for quality management.

Screenshot einer SharePoint-Liste mit Themen der Organisation nach ISO 9001 Screenshot einer SharePoint Seite mit neuer Erfahrung, enthält Beschreibung des Anwendungsbereichs

Requirement to determine the scope

For a ISO 9001 certification, an analysis of the desired scope must be done, that the QM system covers. This scope must be updated regularly. It covers, for example, current topics at customers, suppliers, but also in the company itself, laws and regulations or cultural and societal aspects. Learn in the presentation

SharePoint Online for the analysis of the scope

The intelligent SharePoint intranet manages the result of this analysis. It can be easily sorted or filtered like Excel worksheets. Entries are protected from unintended alterations (another more requirement of the ISO 9001 standard) and can be linked together. Learn more in the demonstration


Determine the scope of the QM system in Office 365

You will learn about the requirements regarding the context of the organization, the interested parties and the scope according to the standards texts, and you´ll see how to determine the scope with the SharePoint app in Office 365 (Duration 1 hour).

Screenshot of the presentation in the webinar with IT-Berater Dennis Scherrer (GERMAN)

Due to the monthly Office 365 Featureupdates and the copyrighted standards texts in the presentation, webinars are not recorded.

Updates April 2018

  • Improvement in the navigation menu structure
  • Procedure for inserting symbols substantially eases
  • Integration into customer requirements management
  • Links with images on pages describing the scope

Content of the webinar

Presentation: Requirements of the Standard and related features in SharePoint

1:30pm Lecture with slides from IT consultant Mr. Dennis Scherrer

Demonstration: SharePoint Quality Management Intranet

2:00pm Live demonstration ot the steps in SharePoint

2:30pm End of the Webinar

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Moderator of the Webinar, IT Consultant

IT Consultant Dennis Scherrer in a webinar in January 2018
Mr. Dennis Scherrer

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