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Issues of the organization in the SharePoint Issue Tracking App

ISO 9001 calls organizations to determine and review issues that are relevant to the quality management system (see context of the organization and ISO 9001 Management review process). Better than a table in a Word document or an Excel spreadsheet is the Issue Tracking App in SharePoint from Microsoft. Issue Tracking was revised by Microsoft in 2018, June for the new experience in Office 3651.


E-Mail to responsible executives

Executives, which an issue has assigned, will be informed automatically via e-mail. The special thing in the Microsoft App for Issue Tracking is, that an executive don`t need to subscribe to notifications from that issue list first (this is the fact in custom lists in SharePoint). An executive assigned to an issue will get an e-mail without doing anything.

This supports organizations to demonstrate leadership and commitment, no more discussion about the need to be informed or the need to inform others.

Compare SharePoint Issue Tracking and ISO 9001 requirements

Following table is part of the user’s manual Determine the scope of the quality management system in SharePoint Online in Microsoft Office 365 (Appendix System configuration SharePoint Online).

Issue Tracking Columns (SharePoint App) Requirements (ISO 9001)
Title Issue, context of the organization
Modified Documented information
Created Documented information
Assigned To Leadership and commitment
Issue Status Organizational knowledge
Priority -
Description Context of the organization
Category Context of the organization
Due Date -
Related Issues -
Comments Organizational knowledge
Created By Documented information
Modified By Documented information

Category field could be used to mark an issue as external or internal. The standard requires determine of external and internal. Companies and organizations may categorize an issue as external and internal. Select one category and another is not possible with Microsoft list definition, more over Microsoft won’t allow to change field type from choice to a multi-checkbox. Please vote for this feature Change of field type for category column from Drop-Down Menu to Checkboxes is not supported.


Question: How do I notice Modern UI in SharePoint list templates?

Answer: You’ll notice a text-hyperlink named Return to classic SharePoint left on the button of the page.

Question: I don´t see the Issues app in the SharePoint Shop

Answer: You may need to activate the SharePoint Feature Team Site Features

Known Errors

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