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Quality Management with Microsoft Office

Articles how to use Microsoft Office (Word, Excel & PowerPoint) to improve the quality of your products and services and consistently meet your customers’ expectations. Quality Management System ISO 9001.

How do I upload a SharePoint template?
In SharePoint in Microsoft 365 you apply a custom or third-party template by selecting ‘From your organization’. This article guides you to bring your SharePoint template exactly there in SharePoint dialog Select a template, From your organization.
Quality Management in Microsoft's Teams
Work in the most modern way with the components of the quality management system (risks and opportunities, processes, goals, measures, requirements)
Quality Objectives in Microsoft Office
49s video ‘Quality Objectives in Microsoft Office’, explanation of the term ‘quality objective’ and a sample of a quality objective in Microsoft Office
Microsoft templates for quality management
10 free templates for ISO 9001 compliant work in your company available directly from Microsoft without registration
Apply a SharePoint Quality Management site template
Site template is an fast and easy way to add core Quality Management elements like issues, objectives, requirements, risks, and opportunities to SharePoint
SharePoint Issue Tracking List Template Sample
You need to check two features when using Microsofts List template Issue tracker (previously known as SharePoint Issue Tracking app) for business management
Quality Management Principle Customer Focus with SharePoint
Systematic collection and analysis of the wishes, needs and expectations of customers with SharePoint
The Management in Quality Management with SharePoint
It’s about Management in Quality management systems. It’s about questions like, how will I ensure ... (2:01 min.)